Thursday, October 1, 2009

10 things that I love...

1. I love God.. Yeah... I'm quite sure everyone does. :)

2. I love my family and friends..

3. I love my current school, as well as the things that she imparted to me and the colleagues that I gained so far.

4. I love UE-Litratista!(The next big thing.)

5. I love my current status as a student of UE(rising org president/future SC officer, hihihi!)

6. I love.. my Pink Girl! <3

7. I love my Nikon D80 and photography. :)

8. I love what I am experiencing so far. I'm learning from them so much. :)

9. I love myself. :)

10. And lastly.. I love living my life to the fullest. :)