Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First Entry..

Hi! Welcome to my site! It's my very first post here at Blogspot, so I'm gonna make my debut post a long one.

So, here we go.

This week's a stressful one for me, but memorable. Many things have occurred here and now. Some things even changed a bit.

Let me narrate them piece by piece:

First Part: "Things Change"

Let me just ask you guys: What would you do if you're falling out of love?

I know what you're thinking. Yep, it was my dilemma.

I've felt lately that, things were not the same as before. See, it's difficult having this distance thing. Indeed, my friend is right: Intimacy is important in a relationship, be it of love or friendship.

Plus the fact that, I am not yet decided with whom I'll love. Will I stick to the one beside me, or the one who just came?

The usual cliche.

It's giving me a headache. Darn it.

Second Part: "School's so Uncool"

Yup, you've just read it: it is so uncool.

Last Monday, I've saved 12 hours of my time just to devote myself upon studying Accounting. It hindered me from doing other important things, such as studying for my Java and Hypermedia quizzes, buying myself some stuff and the like.

And you know how it all ended the next day?

All of my efforts were wasted. Me and my classmates reviewed that hard for the quiz, only to find out that the Journal Entry lesson was not included. We all ended up acing the exam, but disappointed with the fact that we wasted hours of sleep for nothing.

That's what you get when you have a prof who can't explain things further.

My, my..

Third Entry: "Happy Note"

Let's take things down the positive aisle.

I just finished a novel of mine! It's actually a detective/action novel. Its title is Codename: Emperor. It's quite long and darker than my previous stories, concerning the fact that it is a crime novel. But the story itself does not lose my usual fantasy elements, albeit toned down to touch reality itself.

That's about it for now. Ta ta!

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andrei jon said...

shet naman. codename: emperor. bat hindi na lang ang puso ni adan ay para kay eba? mas striking yun tol. hahaha.