Thursday, December 4, 2008

My review: Batman R.I.P.

So, this time I am doing a review about Batman R.I.P, the latest story arc in the Batman comic series. Due to the hype and large demands for this latest storyline in the casebook of the Dark Knight, I've decided to grab a copy and read it.

Actually, the story arc depicts the "end" of Bruce Wayne as Batman, as well as the foreboding insanity that he feels following his travels and the previous attempts on his life.

This comic story line is a monumental one, due to the fact that this will foreshadow Bruce's final fate as the Dark Knight, and will set the stage for a new person to take over the cowl and cape and continue on his legacy as Gotham's lone protector. It's hinted that Dick Grayson, more known as Nightwing, will take over the Batman identity after years of fighting crime as Nightwing.

So, what are my views about the story?

R.I.P. is quite a ride, mainly because of the twists that the story holds, plus showing a different Batman here: insane, wrathful and more violent than ever. This story is also commended for showing such images of the varying wavelengths of insanity, as well as placing Bruce Wayne on a stage where everything hangs within the balance.

Also commendable is the Joker: in this storyline he is quite more violent and maniacal than Heath Ledger's joker in The Dark Knight. In the end, he stands out among all the villains being featured upon the story.

The only leaky hole was the fourth issue of the storyline. It was rushed, messed up and compressed to the point that you'll be disappointed by how the conclusion will go despite of how great the first three issues were. Even with these flaws, R.I.P. is still quite a looker to behold.

I'll never spoil you with what happens within the storyline. Probably, second to Twilight, this story will prompt you to grip at your seats and be curious at what will happen next.

I give Batman R.I.P. 4 out of 5 stars.

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