Thursday, January 8, 2009

The thing about homosexuals, bisexuals and straight people..

Time Check: it's 12:10 am. I have to sleep na but knowing that I have to express what I feel bout' these gender issues today, I elected instead to stay up late at night and think of a proper view to post here.

So let us deal with the issue at hand:

"When and how does one become a homosexual, bisexual or straight?"

I actually got curious about this issue since Tuesday pa. I was listening to Secret Tuesdays at Mellow 94.7 when suddenly, a lot of listeners pitched in their secrets telling that they have done it or they were attracted to someone of their same sex, but they consider themselves as straight.

So, just like how Djs Marco and D reacted to these secrets, I got confused too by how we must define homosexuality and the like. Because of the brewing confusion and curiosity bout' the issue, the two of them decided to include it as a topic for Relationships 94.7 today. It was a great topic. For the first time, they over-extended the topic for 3 hours because of too much responses, curiosity, confusion, and the listeners as well as Marco and D's desire to understand further this matter.

So, first things first. I am not posting this post just because I want to pin down these gay people nor judge them neither to tell what is right and wrong. I am here to share my piece of perspective about that, in hopes that I can help you in understanding the matter. I do believe that this issue is indeed relevant to our present society, as well as in a relationship. I also have the utmost respect for these homosexuals, due to the fact that they are able to carry who they are.

So, again. Do we have to conclude or rather, label these people easily that they are gay by simply depending on their attraction towards persons of the same sex? Or do we have to simply see how they act and feel about their sexual tendencies?

Before I give my view bout' that, let us first give the main viewpoints or norms about the definition of such terms:

Heterosexuals: You are attracted and aroused to the opposite sex.
Homosexuals: You are attracted and aroused to the same sex as well as bisexuals.
Bisexuals: Sexual preference include those of the homosexuals, heterosexuals and fellow bi's.
Trippers: Those who prefer both sexes but are coping upon understanding if they are bisexuals.

So, I think it goes like this. Admiring someone of the same sex or probably, being attracted to them doesn't mean that they are homosexuals. But if they choose to become one, or rather think and feel deeply that they want this person(of the same sex) to be their partner then perhaps you can be a homosexual. That goes to all sexual orientations as well. You have that CHOICE. If you choose to be, then you will be.

We must also consider the fact that all of us have this sort of attraction to both sexes as well as having a feminine and masculine side. Having those sides doesn't determine your sexual orientation. Again, it's your thoughts. Your emotions. Your CHOICE. They define what you really are.

Now, let us face it: not all of us are open to this aspect. Some of us can't just touch the reality of who they are and how this society views them.

I really hate how this world uses these labels to declare and define the norms of society. This is definitely wrong. In the end, no one has a right to just easily label these persons. For one's worth, we are human. We are not mere labels.

It's also about acceptance, as well as facing reality and our very own humanity as well. Every single one of us, be it gay or whatever, has a right to be loved, cared and appreciated. We must learn to accept who we are as well as other people and be open to the fact that we all have flaws and that we all desire to be happy.

Still, it is sad to know how much these homosexuals have to cope with the society they're living in. Try to reflect this line from the song "Break Even" By the Script:

I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing
Just prayed to a god that I don't believe in
Cos I got time while she got freedom
Cos when a heart breaks no it don't break even

That's the sad part of being a homosexual. Living in an unaccepting society is like being alive but barely breathing for your dear life, that you'll even wish to God that things were not this way, because in the end, no matter how you stand for yourself, as long as this world doesn't learn to accept, it won't be EVEN.

Thanks to all the people who helped me with this blog post, particularly Melissa. Thank you for helping me kind of understand what is going on..

Again, it's about CHOICE, and ACCEPTANCE.


andrei jon said...

bading, pokpok, lesbian basta mabuti kang tao okay na yun.

Yuri Kiske said...

Exactly.. Tma k jn.. Mxado lng kcng hindi accepting ang ibang tao db? Aun..

Melissa Is LOVE said...

Nice post Puffy. :) Well said and explained.