Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday: Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk

UE-Litratista: Tired but Happy

Yep, as the title says. It was a successful event for all of us. It was a day wherein most of us bonded with each other, while sharing what we love the most.

I'm glad that all the weeks we have spent for this monumental event was fulfilled into fruition, and I'm happy that I am a part of it. :)

Congratulations to UE-Litratista! Let's do it again next time shall we? And of course, I would like to thank our guests for gracing our walk last Saturday. It's fun working with you guys.

And yeah, everything has just begun.. I'm quite sure that we'll be recognized as a true organization of UE real soon, and trust me, it will happen. :)


andrei jon said...

ilang members ba tong group niyo?lousler

andrei jon said...

paki-erase yung lousler. verification mesej yan. churi2.

Yuri Kiske said...

Ok lang.. Yung naka-register sa forum site namin is 101, pero out of that number, 25+ lang ang active..