Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jan. 24, 2009 (Mr. and Ms. Cardinals 2009)

For this post, I'll be using Buddie's good luck card.

So much has happened yesterday. It was a very toxic day to say the least. But even though it was a tiring one, it was all worth it.

After my last class, I decided to take a breather at SM Manila, while waiting for my friend who'll accompany me for the pageant night of the Mr. & Ms. Cardinals 2009 at Mapua. Fact is, I'm so much worried about Chelle, and how she'll fare during that night. But nonetheless, I know she can do it.

After having a quick chitchat with my AT1 friends at McDo and meeting my friend, we went straight to Mapua for the Red Carpet presentation of the candidates. I can sense her nervousness during the presentation.

After the short premier, she asked me to see her together with some of my friends. We took pics and wished her good luck. Afterwards, we waited for minutes before getting on the queue that leads to Mapua Gym, the venue of the pageant.

Actually, I was also kind of busy during that night. I've had to help her at the dressing room with her stuff, give her spiels and the like. It was tiring, but yet, it's worth it. The two of us even prayed before her opening ramp. I held her hand to show her that I'll be supporting her til' the show ends.

Just for the sake of my Buddie delivering the best performance of her life.

And she delivered.

She did well upon the theme wear, sports attire and formal dress presentations. She even won two major awards and bagged the top spot for the top 5.

But then, she came up short winning the title. She made it upon the fourth place.

Although with the given result, it was all worth it. She proved that she could do it, despite the different pressures. Even though she came up short, for all of us she was the winner.

I came home very late. I arrived past 12am.

It was truly tiring, yet I don't regret it.


Ian_Blue said...

Ui parang kilala ko yan ah, haha!!! Howdie Yuri? Hindi ka na nasama lately sa mga gala ah..


Yuri Kiske said...

Yah, kilala m yn, haha!

Msta finals sa Mapua? Doing fine?

Ou nga eh... Busy din ako lately kc... Ska.. Mdyo confused. Lam m nman un tol db?

Rachelle Tan said...

Wow, Ngayon ko lang nabasa ito :D Thank you bud for the effort talaga at that time! :D