Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bitter me...

I'm so much bitter lately. So many things occurred kasi. I never even planned all of these, yet they came unexpectedly to ram me off my posture. I don't know. Maybe it's just that I am kind of taking these things hard upon myself, so hard that the only thing that I can do is to pretend as if everything was just fine.

As if.. I am just fine..

Okay, so sue me for being like that. It's not that I am emo. (Geez, I am not an emo for God's sake!) It's just that I'm kind of strained from all these things.

I guess I have to tell you guys those frustrations and bitter nothings of mine.

First, I have to contend with the different pressures at school. At first, I thought that things would be just fine and that nothing will be wrong.

Think again mister. The tables are turning against you.

That made me realize: I am still a pebble lost in the middle of a burning desert. Guess I have to keep myself together and study harder to be able to achieve all my expectations.

I have to be cautious this time. I have to remember how much cautious I am as a Mapuan, and I have to utilize that characteristic of mine right NOW.

So much for that Academics thing.

I am so much depressed as well, knowing that SHE'S not fine at all, plus the fact that I am FALLING OUT of love..

Am I falling out of love? Or is it just a mere doubt?

It's the first time I've felt this. I'm not the person who falls out of love this easily.

Guess distance and time have made their toll on me..

I'm really hoping that Buddie will be fine very soon. I miss her so much. Hai..

Until then all I can do is sigh and wait for things to become fine. :(

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