Friday, December 5, 2008


And right now I am so addicted to Twilght, yeah! I've just realized: there is something beneath this saga that's gripping, and that its innate appeal will tempt you to read it at its fullest.

Maybe predictable somehow ang premise niya, or in other words, a cliche. But don't get me wrong, this story's unique and quite relative to us people.

To summarize it all in a nutshell: It is all about a young girl named Isabella Swan, who falls in love with a 128-year old vampire named Edward Cullen upon her arrival to Forks. This will result in a series of events that will test a unique love between a flawed mortal and a vampire.

Although the story- yah, let's admit that- has its flaws, as well as the movie itself, it is redeemable naman in terms of its central plot.

Overall, it is a good ride from start to finish. Actually, nasa Eclipse na ako. Thanks to the e-books being sent to me, I can now finish the series
without purchasing any hardcover/softcover novels.

And oh, the Cullens are so cool, as in. They're like your X-men just around the deepest reins of your town. Especially Alice. Yes, the clairvoyant one. Similar actually yung power ni Alice sa abilities ni Isaac Mendez to predict the future using the medium of drawing.

I am giving Twilight 4 out of 5. :)

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