Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Week.. :)

Since it's Christmas Week na, I'll be using Buddie's holiday greeting pic for this blog post. :)

Anyways, I'm really happy these past few days. Imagine meeting your old friends again and having a cool time with them.

Yep. Me and my highschool friends did a small reunion this Monday. Actually, I got to home at 12 am, while the others stayed past 6am. Sayang, but yet kahit saglit lang ako dun, I really did enjoyed their company.

"Hope those times last forever.." Yep.. I really do.

The exciting part of the party is the Tekken tournament. Yeah. And guess what, it's the good ol' Master Kim who grabbed the victory in the end. Darn, dapat pala sumali ako. Haha. La lang. Gs2 ko kc maexperience makalaban si Kim, win or lose. Galing kc ni2 eh. Hayup, haha!

Last Tuesday naman, my friend Grace celebrated her 18th birthday at Ayala. Me, Kim, Mb, Kaye, Jovy, Lery and Shun-chan were present for the party. We enjoyed the company of each other during the party. It was awesome.

So forgive moi if I'm not in my proper self this time, hehe..

Tomorrow I'll be celebrating Christmas naman in a manner that I consider tradition: gimmick mode. :)

And right now, me and my family will be doing a midnight dinner with our other relatives.

This Christmas will be a memorable one for me.

I just hope that my Christmas wish will be fulfilled. After all, that wish is not for me, but for someone that I really do love..

Let's make this year's Christmas a memorable one. :)

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andrei jon said...

shet nagbirthday pala si grace.