Sunday, December 14, 2008

"On The Side of Me"

"Everyone needs a friend to hold
when it's cold outside, and there's no place to go
Everyone needs a friend to hold
All alone I cried there was no place to go
I remember when nobody cared but you"

Let me cite that line from Corrine May's new single "On The Side of me.."

That made me reflect for a while: how many times did my friends rushed to my aid everytime I am depressed, bitter or at the face of a deep problem?

The answer: ALWAYS..

They never fail to leave me, yet I am unable to show them, how much I appreciate them.

In other words, I am always showing this vulnerable and flawed side of me.

So this time, I want to dedicate this post to my true friends, to my family and to Buddie, who are always there for me at all times..

And of course, to God, for giving you guys to me.. Thank you. :)

This time, I just want to show the best of me, Yuri's best, and how I appreciate you guys.

"I'm not the easiest person to love
I'm often the one who lets things go unresolved
Yet you choose to be, on the side of me, on the side of me

Thank you so much guys.. You have no idea how much I love you..

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