Thursday, December 4, 2008

"The past shall give us hope.."

"The past shall give us hope..."

Indeed, it does. It's just that most of us treat the hurtful past as some kind of garbage.

I've learned that quote from my childhood best friend. She made me throw that taciturn side of mine and change my entire personality into a bright one, forgetting all the hurtful episodes of my life and turning them into tiny droplets of hope that serve as my motivation for me to become stronger than the present.

I've just realized n, dapat pala eh di ka nag-sstay sa isang part ng life mo. Kung hindi para sa iyo ang bagay na un no matter how you strive into it, then leave it. Instead na, masad tayo because of that, we must rather become happy because we learned something from that, plus the fact that it will impart you something that will turn you into someone more wise and strong than before.

Just like Bruce Wayne. He still carries that hurtful event where his parents got killed by a mugger, setting up his motivation as Batman. He realized upon the storyline "Heart of Hush" that he must move on from that fateful night, and instead, be motivated by their memories as Gotham City's inspirations, and rather, fight not for them, but for the people he care for instead.

"Why do we fall?"

If you feel so comfused bout' everything, then try to answer that question.

Actually, the answer is quite obvious than we really know. Pero sadly, medyo blind tau sa fact na un, isn't it?

As long as you believe in hope, then surely, the Past will give you hope..

"Why do we fall? It is for us, sir, to stand up and become stronger.."
-Alfred Pennyworth, Batman Begins

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