Friday, December 5, 2008

"Why do we fall?"

"Why do we fall?"

Most of us ask that same question upon ourselves, thinking why we fail on some things, and why we have these wounds of deep sorrow..

Let me recall a scene from Batman Begins..

A young Bruce Wayne accidentally stumbles on a well outside the grounds of the Wayne Manor, and falls beneath the depths of a dark cave.

Moments after, his father came rushing to his aid, rescuing the young boy out of that innate darkness..

Later, he asks Bruce,

"Bruce... Why do we fall?"

Let us face it: most of us find ourselves confused with that same question.

But the fact is, the answer just lies within ourselves..

We often experience failure for a reason, and that is for us to realize the right path, and rise up on our own. We must not think that these serve as hindrances to us permanently. We must learn to hope, be brave and strong fr. our flaws, and make it soon enough..

And of course, think that someone will never give up on us, and that he/she'll be always there for you..

"The past shall give us hope..."

Let me recall yet another scene fr. Batman Begins..

Moments after narrowly escaping a burning Wayne Manor, Bruce and his butler Alfred seek safety upon the depths of the Batcave.

"What I have done Alfred? I've ruined everything.." Bruce said in a regretful and shocked voice.

Alfred knelt on him and asked him,

"Why do we fall sir?"

Bruce suddenly remembered the question, forgetting what his father told him bout it.

Alfred continued..

"It is for us to stand up again, and make it on our own..."

Bruce replied, "You haven't given up on me, don't you?"

Alfred, with a smile replies, "Never.."

*I dedicate this blog post to my Buddie..

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